Exposed Aggregate Pavers

Brick Range

Applications & Benefits

Our Exposed Aggregate range accommodates domestic and industrial applications. These popular pavers are used extensively on:

> Roads and high-traffic driveways

Besides their visual appeal, Exposed Aggregate pavers provide a non-slip option in wet conditions.

Exposed aggregate pavers
Suitable for domestic as well as industrial applications
Skid-resistant surface suitable for wet conditions

Available range*

*When placing your order please verify the colour against an actual sample as pavers can vary from batch to batch. Pavers displayed on this page have been standardised for general viewing purposes.

50mm Aggregate Paver
50mm Bond Exposed Aggregate
70mm Aggregate Paver
 70mm Traditional Exposed Aggregate
Aggregate Interlock Paver
70mm Interlock Exposed Aggregate

50mm Bond Exposed Aggregate

Bond Paver Specs

Dimensions: 200x100x50mm

Compressive Strength: 30MPA

Mass/Per Brick: 2,1 kg

Bricks per m2: 50

Colours Available: Tan

70mm Traditional Exposed Aggregate

Traditional aggregate paver specs

Dimensions: 220x110x70mm

Compressive Strength: 35MPA

Mass/Per Brick: 3,5 kg

Bricks per m2: 41,32

Colours Available: Tan

70mm Interlocker Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate interlock paver specs

Dimensions: 200x100x70mm

Compressive Strength: 35MPA

Mass/Per Brick: 3,4 kg

Bricks per m2: 48

Colours Available: Tan

Available Patterns

Exposed aggregate paver patterns