80mm Bond Pavers with bevel

Paver Range

Applications & Benefits

80mm Bond Pavers with Bevel finish are mainly used for high-traffic areas. It is a good alternative to Interlock Pavers and provides an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Applications include:

> Used as borders for interlock pavers on industrial sites

> Used in parking areas at malls (less industrial looking than Interlock Pavers)

These pavers comply with the SANS 1058:2012 test method and meet the necessary standards to carry traffic in the applications described above.

Industrial Strength (Durability)
Neat Finish 

Available colours*

*When placing your order please verify product colours, textures and/or finishes  against an actual sample since these factors may vary from batch to batch. Colours, textures and/or finishes displayed on this page have been standardised for general viewing purposes.

80mm Bond Paver with Bevel | Grey
80mm Bond Paver with Bevel | Charcoal

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 200x100x80mm

Compressive Strength: 30Mpa and 40Mpa

Mass/Per Brick: 3 kg

Bricks per m2: 50

Colours Available: Grey, Charcoal

Available Patterns

Bond paver patterns