50mm Bond Pavers

Paver Range

Applications & Benefits

50mm Bond Pavers are mainly used for domestic applications, in particular for:

> Driveways

> Pathways

> Around pools

> Outside entertainment areas

> Sidewalks

The Bond Paver range is available in exciting colours; grey, tan, terracotta and charcoal. In addition to this, our pavers can also be combined in various installation patterns to create unique designs. Bond pavers are suitable for both residential and domestic applications.

Bond pavers placed in a pattern.

Available colours*

*When placing your order please verify product colours, textures and/or finishes  against an actual sample since these factors may vary from batch to batch. Colours, textures and/or finishes displayed on this page have been standardised for general viewing purposes.

50mm Grey Bond Paver
50mm Bond Paver | Grey
50mm Tan Bond Paver
50mm Bond Paver | Tan
50mm Terracota Bond Paver
50mm Bond Paver | Terracotta
50mm Charcoal Bond Paver
50mm Bond Paver | Charcoal

Technical Specifications

Bond Paver Specs

Dimensions: 200x100x50mm

Compressive Strength: 25MPA

Mass/Per Brick: 2,1 kg

Bricks per m2: 50

Colours Available: Grey, Tan, Terracotta, Charcoal

Available Patterns

Bond paver patterns